By Josué López, Bus Ad ’10.

Scholarship aid was a critical factor in my choosing an undergraduate university. Although I set my sights on attending a Catholic university in the Midwest, I knew that my family could not afford to send me to a private four-year college. However, cost would not deter me from my goal and I knew that some extra effort could yield the alternative funding necessary for me to make my college dreams a reality. I was fortunate to receive help from external scholarship sources, but the majority of my aid came from Marquette’s Educational Opportunity Program, or EOP. Not only did EOP assist me financially, but the program helped me develop the necessary skills to succeed at the undergraduate level through an intense summer program before beginning my freshman year.

Scholarship support has meant that I have been granted the opportunity to succeed. Without it, I would not have been able to complete almost four years at an undergraduate institution. It has allowed me to be on track to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in May, a first for my family. Scholarships have been essential in the achievement of my goals, including acceptance into the Applied Investment Management program and attaining executive positions within student organizations. Scholarship can be defined as more than just aid granted to students, but also the character, qualities, activities, and attainments of a learned person. Scholarship aid has allowed me to have the experiences and education a person needs in order to be prepared to handle the challenges of an evolving world.

Scholarship support also means solidarity. Donors have opened doors for me as I hope to be able to do for others in the future. In the near term, I hope to be able to help my younger sister, Maritza, as she begins her college journey at Marquette. In the future, the scholarship support I received will allow me to improve my family’s financial situation, as well as open doors for others who may need scholarships. It is clear to me that scholarship aid is necessary for creating a brighter future for all.