By L. Christopher Miller, Ph. D.,
Vice President of Student Affairs.

Marquette is built on giving — giving to one another and to the community at large. Give Marquette is an extension of our philosophy on what we believe in stewardship. We strive to be leaders in this scholarship program. Through generous, selfless acts of kindness, we are able to support scholarships to students who need our help the most.  Providing is the virtue; the kind reward is the enablement of a Marquette education.

Across the Division of Student Affairs, we are blessed to work with many of Marquette’s best and brightest student leaders:  from the RA staff, to MUSG, to those participating in club sports and intramurals, as well as those serving on orientation staff, or volunteering in the greater Milwaukee community. In addition to making it possible for some students to attend Marquette in the first place, scholarship aid also provides many students with the freedom to get involved outside the classroom. I have worked with many students who, because they are the recipients of scholarship aid, have not had to work as many hours in a campus job and have instead used that time to give back to the community.

A great example is several of the students who have worked with Hunger Clean Up and other service projects. Many of the scholarship recipients who have planned these activities have said they feel compelled to do “behind the scenes” work in order to make it easier for students who have to work multiple jobs to get involved. This idea of “paying it forward” comes naturally to many Marquette students—they are very grateful for the scholarship aid they receive and show it through their involvements outside the classroom. It also seems that this sense of gratitude helps students in their development of empathy—an extra bonus!