By Robert A. Wild, S.J.,
President, Marquette University.

Most days I make it a point to get out of my office around noon and walk through campus. It’s a busy time then with students rushing to the various dining rooms to grab something to eat between classes. For me, seeing the frenzy of their energy and enthusiasm provides a great reminder of why I love the work we do here at Marquette. These days, however, I more often overhear students talking about the investment their families are making to allow them to come to Marquette and how today’s economic environment is causing some students to question whether they can continue with their studies. And in fact we are receiving a significant increase in inquiries about scholarship aid from current students and their families.

We have launched a community-wide effort to raise additional funds for scholarships for students — both to keep current students at Marquette and to attract those students we most want to attend but who can’t come without the support of our larger Marquette family.

This initiative will succeed by reaching out for gifts large and small simultaneously; every gift, in every dimension, matters.  I feel confident that we can by working together make sure the wonderful, ambitious students who come to us experience the full measure of a Catholic, Jesuit education. We will help our families realize their hopes for their children, who are the spes gregis, the true hope for the nation’s future.

We have the absolute responsibility — I consider it a privilege — to help facilitate the journey of our students right up to the moment when they can claim their Marquette degrees. We will succeed if we commit ourselves to enlarging our financial aid resources to assist every student of talent who lacks the personal wherewithal to fund a Marquette education. Please consider making a gift today.